Published on October 1, 2020 (over 3 years ago) Add a video. Get a sharable link to stream it.

Dylan Jhaveri
By Dylan Jhaveri4 min readEngineering what a sweet domain, right?

This is a new project built by Mux. It is 100% fast, free and easy to use. And best of all, it's 100% open source.

The premise is simple: you have a video and you want to share it. Think of things like: a screen recording to report a bug, a recording of a talk you gave at a conference.

Open up the browser on your mobile device and type in in the URL bar. From there tap "Add a Video" which will bring up the option to either select an existing video or start up the camera and record directly from your device.

On desktop you you and either drag and drop a video onto the page or click "Upload a video" and select a file.

LinkRecord-in browser

From your desktop browser you can even record a quick video without leaving the browser. Try this out - select either your camera or screen and microphone, then start recording. When you're done the video gets uploaded the same way as if you uploaded a pre-existing video file.

Note that the in-browser recording is a bit experimental. It uses getUserMedia and MediaRecorder on the browser side. Don't plan on doing an hour long screen recording of a remote poker game with your friends, maybe just use it for short recordings that are no more than a few minutes long.

I have found this feature to be most useful when I want to share a quick screen recording with voice over for one of my colleagues to watch.

LinkUniquely sharable

After your video uploads and processes you get a unique link that starts with . Whoever has that link can easily watch your video.

When you share a link the URL will be rendered with open graph tags and generate an image for previewing on social networks.

LinkWhy is Mux building this?

The main reason is because: this is fun, we're developers, and we like to build stuff.

More practically speaking, it's to build our customer empathy. On the DevEx team, we spend our days talking to customers about using the Mux API, helping customers integration Mux into their workflows and improving our overall Developer Experience. All of this work requires a deep level of customer empathy.

Building a better developer experience all starts with empathy.

The more that we as a team can be customers of our own product, the better we will be in the long run. Building products that developers love is core to our mission a key strategy of how we win in the long term.

LinkWhy is this free?

It's free because it's a fun, open-source example project. Please use it accordingly. See the terms for more details.

LinkTech details is a fun JAMstack application built with NextJS and deployed to Vercel.

  • Mux Direct Uploads
  • Mux thumbnails
  • Mux Video for playback
  • Mux Data for video performance monitoring
  • NextJS React framework

Source code is on Github:

Perhaps most notably is the technology that this project is missing. There is no database. The entire app is completely stateless. As we develop this project we will probably have to add a database of some sort soon. If you're building something similar, you probably will leverage some sort of database in your project. For now and for how lightweight this product is we can actually accomplish all of the essential elements while keeping the number of moving pieces to a minimum.

LinkWhere does it go from here?

We will see! Please use it and let us know how it works for you! In the phases of product development I would say we built a solid scooter. We'll see how it evolves now that it is out in the wild!

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