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The most cost-effective video infrastructure for businesses of all scale. Mux is trusted to stream billions of minutes of video every day.

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The API that enables developers to build unique live and on-demand video experiences for fractions of a cent.

Everything needed to build a beautiful web player for Mux Video — designed for any page and app, all from one platform.

Get the insights and real-time stream analytics to understand user engagement and improve the quality of experience for your viewers.

We work with the world's top brands

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The video infrastructure 
for your app

Mux solves the hard problems software teams face when building video, from live-streaming platforms to on-demand video catalogs and anything in between. Businesses use Mux to launch video features in days, customize the player experience, and monitor video streaming performance, all while scaling seamlessly to the world’s largest audiences.

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Ship faster with more visibility. We're continuously solving the hardest problems in video streaming and wrapping it all up in thoughtfully designed developer tools and dashboards.

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import 'server-only'; import Mux from '@mux/mux-node'; import MuxUploader from '@mux/mux-uploader-react'; const mux = new Mux(); export default async function Page() { const directUpload = await{ new_asset_settings: { playback_policy: ['public'], encoding_tier: 'baseline' }, cors_origin: '*', }); return <MuxUploader endpoint={directUpload.url} />; }

Mux love from around the world

We researched, candidly, every single option. Mux kept coming up as the number one ease of integration was amazing that it's just a couple of lines of code and "boom".


We built an in-house MVP solution for video, but rather than spending our engineering team’s time navigating and maintaining video infrastructure, we turned to Mux. With Mux, video just works, which means we can focus on building the best product for Substack creators and trust that video is solved.


the documentation and API design for the @MuxHQ api is some of the best I've used in a while - insanely clean UI and has api reference or webhook for everything I need

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Mux has enabled us to move 5x faster. We can trust processes like uploading and transcoding are handled really well — and we didn’t have to spend the time and resources on our end building that out.


Working with the Mux team felt like we were all working together, as opposed to the typical vendor/client relationship. Mux was with us every step of the way, from ideation to delivery.


Ran our first live stream via @MuxHQ today after some horrible experiences with a well known alternative who shall remain nameless. Super simple, reliable and looked great!

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Mux Data caught a number of issues we would never have found otherwise. And beyond issues, the data helps us identify where there are opportunities for improvement.


Out of all the technologies we use, Mux was the easiest for us to implement. We actually over-budgeted our resources for it.


@MuxHQ is such a great product. Managed to have a live streaming solution set up for a live demo in less than a day. Was able to stream from a second device and display that stream in a player. Converted a prospect into a customer.

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Mux has enabled WBD to observe the quality of our viewers' streaming experiences. Being able to filter data across a variety of dimensions helps us pinpoint issues in content and technical systems to ensure that our viewers are enjoying the highest quality experience possible.

Warner Bros. Discovery

We’ve been able to use Mux to resolve incidents faster, sometimes significantly faster, than before. We always learn from our incidents, and the data we’re able to pull from Mux has dramatically accelerated our learnings.


<Video /> is the new <Image /> – Great DX by @MuxHQ

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I could have created a custom solution like Amazon S3 to host my video, but it was extremely complex and extremely expensive. And then someone said, but there is Mux and I checked it's exactly what I needed and for much cheaper than using AWS. That's why I had no choice. It was the best solution.

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Two fists bump together. This fist is a robotic fist. Its hand is gray, with blue accents. Its wrist is made up of a gray lattice.

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