Published on June 28, 2021 (almost 3 years ago)

Audio-only support, now available for live

Bonnie Pecevich
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About a year ago, we released audio-only support for on-demand video files. We’re excited to announce that we now support live audio! If you have a live radio station, podcast, or any sort of live broadcasting, Mux can be the single platform for both your live video and audio streaming.

LinkSimplified workflow

In addition to improving the video experience for your users, we also want to improve your experience using Mux and hope this helps simplify your workflow. The same API call works whether it’s audio or video, just set the flag for audio-only, so you can send us either with no changes to workflow on your side.

You can use live audio-only input in two ways:

  1. You can send us just the audio stream/track.
  2. If you have a video, we can drop the video and deliver just the audio.

In other words, once you turn the feature on, you (or your users) can input audio OR video and get audio out.


This feature is currently available for all Mux Video customers. Audio-only support costs 1/10th of video encoding, storage, and streaming. Check out our pricing page for details.

Couple things to note:

  • We have a 12-hour live streaming limit for video and that limit applies to live audio as well.
  • OBS and vMix do not natively support live audio-only RTMP out-of-the-box but many other software encoders, like Wirecast and commercial hardware encoders, do. Although OBS and vMix always broadcast both video and audio tracks, by configuring an audio-only live stream, Mux will drop the video and deliver audio, so you won’t have to change encoders.

Let us know if you have any questions using this feature and we’ll be happy to help!

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