Published on August 29, 2019 (almost 5 years ago)

Improving viewer experiences through innovation at IBC 2019

Bonnie Pecevich
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For broadcasters and large media companies alike, the name of the game is delivering the best viewer experience in the most efficient way. Whether it’s live streaming a sporting event at scale or delivering VOD to millions of viewers on a variety of devices, Mux’s Data and Video platform brings the latest advancements in video technology:

  • Mux Data is a real-time analytics platform that helps engineering and operations teams monitor and improve video streaming performance by measuring the Quality of Experience of every stream, including startup time, rebuffering, video quality, and playback failure.
  • Mux Video marries global viewer experience data, a unique just-in-time transcoding engine, an optimized streaming origin (hosting + mezzanine format), and multi-CDNs expertly configured for the most efficient video streaming.

This year at IBC, Mux will showcase new features that continue to push the boundaries of encoding, live streaming, and real-time performance monitoring.

LinkImproving streaming quality

Audience Adaptive Encoding is a part of our encoding process that uses machine learning on both content and context to give you the absolute best range of renditions for each and every video. It uses information on your audience bandwidth and device resolutions to provide a dynamic bitrate ladder so that more of your viewers get the best possible experience.

LinkImproving the live experience

We just recently rolled out with a reduced latency option for our live streaming API. This option offers latency as low as 8 seconds using any modern video player—no beta player features or experimental builds required.

LinkImproving visibility

Expanding on the functionality of our Real-Time Streaming Dashboard, we will be previewing a beta version of Real-Time Data Exports exclusively at IBC. With this feature, customers can get a feed of their real-time performance metrics via API to integrate with monitoring services like Opsgenie and Datadog or use their own monitoring infrastructure. The power of our real-time data integrated with monitoring services helps our customers better plan for incidents and be more efficient in how they respond.

PLUS: We have other exciting features coming soon including Live Simulcasting to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Periscope, Twitch, etc. and enhancements for audio only content.

If you’d like to learn more, come visit us at our booth in Hall 14, C02. We’ll be hosting a happy hour almost every night at IBC and everyone’s welcome!

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