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Welcome to the Mux Blog

We're a team of engineers, marketers, designers, all passionate about video and the work we create together. Welcome to our blog about video.

A mockup of custom Mux water bottles that were designed for CascadiaJS conference.
09/13/22September 13, 2022(3 months ago)
6 min read

400 water bottles and a video guestbook at CascadiaJS

Dave Kiss
Dylan Jhaveri
Darius Cepulis
Amin Amos
by Dave and 3 more
Events6 min read
Mux was proud to be a sponsor at CascadiaJS 2022 – here's a recap of our experience in the high desert.
a photo of the mux informational
06/30/22June 30, 2022(5 months ago)
10 min read

A peek behind the curtains: how Mux produced and streamed its TMI customer conference

Jared Smith
Garrett Graves
by Jared and Garrett
Events10 min read
On May 24th of this year, we held our first customer conference — The Mux Informational, or TMI. Many of those who joined us online have asked how we produced and streamed such an amazing conference. ...
an image of AWS Summit New York
06/23/22June 23, 2022(6 months ago)
2 min read

Tired of virtual events? Us too. Let's meet up in real life at AWS Summit New York.

Natalie Gilbert
by Natalie Gilbert
Events2 min read
Come chat with us at the AWS Summit in New York, July 12th.
Mux Player: TMI and Beyond
06/17/22June 17, 2022(6 months ago)
10 min read

Mux Player: TMI and Beyond

Meg Salisbury
by Meg Salisbury
Product10 min read
Let’s get right to it, shall we? That cat is definitely out of the bag. Among the many product announcements we made at The Mux Informational, perhaps my favorite (and I freely admit bias) was the int ...
Orange graphic that says, "The Mux Informational. 2022. Live on the World Wide Web."
05/26/22May 26, 2022(6 months ago)
12 min read

TMI 2022: Behind the scenes of our first customer conference

Dave Kiss
Thuy Doan
by Dave and Thuy
Events12 min read
We did the conference thing and revealed a lot of juicy product secrets live - no really. Some of those secrets are ones you have been eagerly waiting for. We recap it all in case you missed it.
A very classy looking anthropomorphic video tape recorder with tape coming out.
05/17/22May 17, 2022(7 months ago)
4 min read

We're getting Mux folks together for a soiree. Some might even call it a user conference.

Matthew McClure
by Matthew McClure
Company4 min read
We're doing the conference thing: The Mux Informational is coming to a screen near you for free on May 24. Here's why we're doing it, and why you should join.
A screenshot of the Mux guestbook project
04/27/22April 27, 2022(7 months ago)
10 min read

Leaving an impression in our video guestbook

Dave Kiss
Darius Cepulis
by Dave and Darius
Events10 min read
If you’ve ever attended a conference in person, you know just how taxing they can be. You try to present your best self: unravel the hotel iron from the closet, work that one uncooperative cowlick to ...
Virtual conferences are easy? lol ok. (part 1)
12/02/20December 2, 2020(about 2 years ago)
19 min read

Virtual conferences are easy? lol ok. (part 1)

Ed Ropple
by Ed Ropple
Events19 min read
This is going to be the second blog post I've made with this observation, but: COVID is weird. And while it's not one of the biggest ways COVID has turned over our collective applecart, it has now bee ...
A year on the road
03/20/20March 20, 2020(over 2 years ago)
14 min read

A year on the road

Phil Cluff
by Phil Cluff
Events14 min read
Phil chronicles his year talking at video streaming conferences, and talks about what's in store for the coming year.
ElixirConf 2019 Wrap Up
09/09/19September 9, 2019(about 3 years ago)
6 min read

ElixirConf 2019 Wrap Up

Dylan Jhaveri
by Dylan Jhaveri
Events6 min read
ElixirConf 2019 Aurora, Co. Phoenix LiveView, Nerves and other trends from 2019
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