Published on November 9, 2021 (over 2 years ago)

Mux Data: More features and better pricing for developers

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By Steven and John5 min readProduct

Mux makes powerful tools that are simple to use. Pricing should be just as straightforward and easy to work with. As we continue to talk to other developers, we rethink how features are bundled, and drive down costs to expand access. That’s why today we’re announcing broader access to powerful Mux Data features, and dramatically better pricing for developers. (Psst - we also lowered the cost for video encoding today!)

You wouldn’t launch a website without a tool like Fathom or Google Analytics to track site visits and help you understand if you’re gaining traction. Similarly, you wouldn’t deploy an app without tools like Sentry or Datadog to identify and resolve issues that impact user experience. The same standards are true for video.

With Mux Data, developers at all stages of their journeys can access the most essential, purpose-built video observability tools, which are also used by some of the biggest names in video, like Hopin,, Discovery and Udemy.

We’re making more great Data features available to everyone with simplified, lower pricing. You can see the updated feature set and pricing over here. With these changes, developers can:

  • Get started for free, and scale confidently. The same powerful Mux Data features are now available across both the Startup (formerly Starter) and Pro packages, and we’re lowering pricing for both. You can monitor up to 100k video views for free with the Startup package, and get a volume discount with the Pro package when it’s time to scale.
  • Easily use Mux Video and Data together. Monitoring Mux Video streams with Mux Data is included in Video pricing, and we’ve simplified the experience of using them together.

LinkExpanding access to Mux Data features

Previously, different Data packages had access to different features. We’re now providing access to more features across both the Startup and Pro packages, and we’ve highlighted some new features that are now available to all developers. (To see a full list, look here.)

LinkReal Time Engagement API [beta]:

Using data from the Real Time Engagement API, you can see how many people are watching their video in real time, and can enrich their applications with real-time stats for views and unique viewers. Check out this reference example in React, and our feature guide.

With the Real-time Engagement API, you can:

  • Engage viewers and enrich the live experience by adding real-time data to each player.
  • Inform event organizers and live stream participants about video success and engagement.
  • Power internal dashboards, and provide a view into real-time views and unique viewers.

LinkCustom Metadata Dimensions:

The Startup and Pro packages can extend the functionality of Mux Data by creating up to two Custom Metadata Dimensions, and use those dimensions to further analyze the data.

Some example use cases for Custom Metadata:

  • An education company can indicate which instructors are featured in their videos, and then analyze user engagement of videos that feature each instructor.
  • A subscription video service can use IDs to segment users by “free” and “paid” customers, and analyze user engagement and Quality of Experience for each.
  • An advertising supported service could track the Ads SDK version they’re using to help track down problems.


Filtering allows teams to narrow the scope of the data presented to pinpoint issues that may be the result of a combination of dimensions. We’re making two levels of filtering available for Startup and Pro tiers. You can read more about filtering here.

Teams like Ops, Support, and Product can use filtering to do things like:

  • Understand the video startup time of VOD content for viewers in a specific country.
  • Compare performance and viewership across live vs VOD.
  • Identify playback issues on a specific browser and version.

Pricing specifics

We want to give more teams easy access to Data, and provide a clear runway for scaling, so we’re lowering prices for the Startup and Pro packages. With the Startup package, you can get up and running with your app for free and start to scale. When you have more confidence in your regular volume of views, you can upgrade to Pro to get a volume discount.

  • Lite:  Lite accounts are automatically upgraded to Startup, with the full feature set and 100k monthly views for free.
  • New Startup package: 100k monthly views free, additional views at $.60/1000 (Was 100k monthly views free, additional views at $1/1000 views.)
  • New Pro package:  $199/mo for 1M views, additional views at $.50/1000. (Previously started at $599/mo for 1M monthly views, additional views at $.50/1000 views.)

If you’re already using Data, these pricing changes go into effect today, and will be reflected on your next invoice.

With these updates to Data features and pricing, more developers will have access to the data they need to build great video experiences. We hope you’re inspired to dig deeper into user engagement and the viewing experience. As always, please reach out with any feedback, and share what you’re building!

Written By

Steven Lyons

Steven Lyons – VP, Product

Steve comes from data-driven optimization and analytics at Cedexis and Yahoo!. A tea drinker in the land of coffee.

John Riske

John Riske – Product Marketing Manager Team Lead

Has worked in video for a long time, with stints at Zencoder, Brightcove and Facebook. When not transmuxing, can be found cooking and hanging out with family.

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