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That's gonna be a (mostly) no
04/14/20April 14, 2020(about 2 years ago)
10 min read

The state of going live from a browser

Matthew McClureby Matthew McClure
Engineering10 min read
You can watch live TV, record yourself, video chat with peers, screenshare...of course you can broadcast live RTMP streams, right? Weeelll...No, but kinda sorta with some server-side help.
Jason Mattiace, Cadenza CTO
04/10/20April 10, 2020(about 2 years ago)
7 min read

Interview with Cadenza: Live streaming for off-stage concerts

Dylan Jhaveriby Dylan Jhaveri
Customers7 min read
This is an interview with Jason Mattiace CTO and Co-founder at Cadenza is a live video streaming platform for hosting concerts.
JAMstack graphic
04/07/20April 7, 2020(about 2 years ago)
9 min read

Mux is the video API for the JAMstack

Dylan Jhaveriby Dylan Jhaveri
Engineering9 min read
Here we discuss how you can use the Mux APIs in your JAMstack and how we use the JAMstack ourselves to power our blog and Gatsby site Sanity as a headless CMS.
RTMP broadcasting apps for iOS
03/27/20March 27, 2020(over 2 years ago)
8 min read

Guide to RTMP live streaming apps for iOS

Dylan Jhaveriby Dylan Jhaveri
Video education8 min read
This post a guide for going live from an iOS app to rtmp server. I tried 11 of the top apps including Wirecast Go, Broadcast Me, It's My Live, Nari Live, Larix Broadcaster
A year on the road
03/20/20March 20, 2020(over 2 years ago)
14 min read

A year on the road

Phil Cluffby Phil Cluff
Events14 min read
Phil chronicles his year talking at video streaming conferences, and talks about what's in store for the coming year.
online conference diagram
03/02/20March 2, 2020(over 2 years ago)
8 min read

How to Host Your Own Online Conference

Dylan Jhaveriby Dylan Jhaveri
Engineering8 min read
How you can host your own online conference. Broadcast a Zoom call to thousands of viewers using Mux.
Live interactive video like hq
02/13/20February 13, 2020(over 2 years ago)
10 min read

How to Build Interactive Live Video (remember HQ Trivia?)

Steve HeffernanDylan Jhaveriby Steve & Dylan
Video education10 min read
Steve and Dylan discuss how you might go about building a live interactive video solution that is scalable.
An interview with DatoCMS
02/03/20February 3, 2020(over 2 years ago)
4 min read

An interview with DatoCMS

Matthew McClureDylan Jhaveriby Matthew & Dylan
Customers4 min read
See how DatoCMS uses Mux to power video for customers using their headless CMS product.
Illustration of open byte range behaviour in LL-HLS
01/30/20January 30, 2020(over 2 years ago)
12 min read

Low Latency HLS 2: Judgment Day

Phil Cluffby Phil Cluff
Video news12 min read
Phil explains the latest changes in the Low Latency HLS specification from Apple.
I will find you and I will pause you
01/23/20January 23, 2020(over 2 years ago)
4 min read

<video autoplay> Considered Harmful

Dylan Jhaveriby Dylan Jhaveri
Video education4 min read
The 'autoplay' attribute for HTML5 video is unreliable. In this post we explain its shortcomings and offer a better solution.
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