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Real-Time Video,
built differently

Mux’s Real-Time Video is the most developer-friendly way to build real-time communication into your application, however you want it. It’s WebRTC, the Mux way.

  • A pixelated depiction of two heads, likely video-chatting with Mux Real-Time Video. A gear in the lower right evokes the shiny infrastructure running it all.

    Real-time, live, and on-demand video, all in one API

  • Two pixelated rectangles sit atop each other, with an arrow coming out of them

    Flexible, easy-to-integrate SDKs

  • Pixelated documentation sits in a stack with a symbol of code within

    Docs and support every step of the way

Integrate seamlessly across all video types

Create your content in real time, stream it using a live stream, then save the on-demand asset. Mux prioritizes all these video types equally, so you can rely on best-in-class video infrastructure for every kind of video.

Explore live and on-demand video

// Instantiate the space
let space = new Space('your-jwt');

// Setup event listeners
// for other people sharing media, and leaving
space.on(SpaceEvent.ParticipantTrackSubscribed, addTrack);
space.on(SpaceEvent.ParticipantLeft, removeParticipant);

// Join the Space
let localParticipant = await space.join();

Ship faster, with simplicity and control

Our developer-centric philosophy is core to Real-Time Video. That means it’s easy to build the experiences you want and get to market faster — without sacrificing flexibility or control.


10/10 dev experience

By prioritizing the developer experience across all our products, we make it easy, and dare we say a joy, to build real-time video infrastructure. Simply implement the SDK, hit live, and go.

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1000 free participant minutes every month with additional minutes at $0.004 per participant minute.

Participant minutes = number of participants x number of minutes each participant is in the session


  • Support for up to 100 participants
  • Web, iOS, and Android SDKs
  • Optimization for reliability and quality
  • Simple API for broadcasting to live streams
  • Common JWT platform, shared with Mux Video

A taste of Real-Time use cases

    Mux is the first platform to give developers a single API for managing all three video formats, and is a game changer for us in building a differentiated and scalable hybrid-events platform.

    Kent Libbey, GM of CUBE365 at SiliconANGLE Media
    CUBE365 Logo

    Better video infrastructure, now at your fingertips.

    Try Mux free and enjoy an additional $20 in Mux credits.